This Is a Public Place - EP

by Little American Champ

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LAC is:
Travis Wedley - Drums/Percussion
Jonny Janis - Guitar/Vocals
Alex Janis - Bass/Vocals


released April 15, 2011

Recorded on March 8 and 9, 2011 at Cold War Studios in Grand Rapids, MI. Produced by Rick Johnson. Mastered by Joel Hatstat.



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Little American Champ Lansing Charter Township, Michigan

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Track Name: Billionaire Boys Club
Thanks for shopping. It’s time to close the doors on all the trademarks with descriptive lore. They’re waiting for an owner who will show them how to posture through. I just can’t help but feel out of place by wondering who I want to be and blanking on career findings, so the trademarks just laugh at me. Looks like I’ve got a ways to go because I’ve haven’t grown my venomous fangs and I haven’t learned to crawl on the ground beneath me. It just seems so daunting to live in this public place.
We build distraction to put off the future, the inevitability that they never questioned. It took me 20 years to realize that I couldn’t relate to the shadows reflecting from their eyes. I am just so goddamn amazed at all the unexamined lives around me. While trademarks are patented every day, I will be an atheist that will always pray. To live in this public place, where I am always afraid to let down everyone that I know. To live in this public place, where the trademarks eagerly worship those who keep the gold. It takes so much out of me.
Track Name: Perspectives
Sometimes I forget that I live with privilege and I have to wonder,
what it's like to be hungry,
And how last month's rent is over ten months due and I feel older than I should,
A good night's rest should keep me from feeling.
So why am I surprised by your compromise?
Buying in but not asking why,
the cost, the pain, of being left behind.
And you won't find truth in your friday nights,
where beer is king and life is alright,
why won't you get angry?
And my discontent is only oh so telling of my insecurities and inconsistencies,
I am just like you.
So why do I feel so different tonight?
Dancing to your own degradation,
using booze to drown your potentiation,
Am I the only one,
who can see the irony,
But I move on.
Track Name: Them That They
What are you supposed to do when your passions are incompatible and not fearful? When you are taught to shun your own creativity and obey lines in sand. What do we dream for anyway? It’s success for distress or freedom for failure. With bells ringing since we’ve been young, it renders us deaf and I don’t want to be deaf like you. To save us from foxes, we’ve let ourselves be devoured by lions.
This renewal is actually quite old. And we wonder why things stay the same. I hope this isn’t what I’ve been looking for. Hindering ambition, fuck love and compassion.
Glory to the slave, glory to the master.
Track Name: Shed Scales
What's with last night's fun?
And why do the regrets always have to follow the sun?
But i'll mend your wounds,
with the time that it takes for me to become a adult,
but i'm not a island.
And this morning sun doesn't make me feel more whole,
and would you bother trying to get to know who I am?
All the mistakes,
standing right in front of you,
I did not know what to do,
but i'll shed these scales,
and act like I wasn't embarrassed to say it was cool,
yet we're all fools.
And this morning sun doesn't make me feel more whole,
and would you bother trying to get to know who I am?
And your life would be much easier,
when you realize we're all hypocrites.