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released August 5, 2015

Purge and My Wife [Bobby Peru Recording in Milwaukee, WI, produced by: Shane Olivo]

Lesions [GTG House in Lansing, MI, produced by: Tommy Plural]

Save Your Generation Records



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Little American Champ Lansing Charter Township, Michigan

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Track Name: Purge
I keep sweating, even though I’m standing here, just waiting for your hand. Something to hold on to, something that I needed. A stupid linchpin for all my plans. I let you write all over me. I’m going to die without a wife. I’m never going to find the words that truly express what I’m trying to say. I’m coming down with an illness; a terminal sickness that degrades the only good part left in my brain. I let you write all over me. How did you know that in the end I’d break again? I let you write all over me. Again and again. I let you write all over me.
Track Name: My Wife
Call a cop car because I’m about to jump off the roof again. My head moves. Blue lights have gone dim. There’s no need for a return trip. I felt naïve. It was only the start because my head moves. I was so distracted. And my chest was feeling fuller than my head now that I’m looking at this song, fuller than my chest now that you’re gone. Now I see, I saw you in a mirror. I’ll take my seat in the back of class. I saw you in a mirror, I’ll take a seat in the back of my head moves. I always thought I could see you before you’re gone. I always thought I could see you now that you’re gone.